Cliff Richard Show "It's Cliff & Friends", Song "A Drop In the Ocean" (live
10 Millionen TV-Audience
"Musigboggs" with "Tomorrow"
"Musik & Gäste" with "Put Your Head Down Tonight"
"Doppelter Engel" with "Es bitzeli Liebi"
"Karussell with "Take It"
"Szenenwechsel with "Lady Of The Night"
"Lieder und Leute" with "Feel So Good"
"Freddy Quinn's Country Show " with "Raining In My Heart"
(in the same show was also Telly Savalas (Kojak) who had a top hit with
"Some Broken Hearts" for whom Olivia composed the follow-up single)
"Si on chantait" with Breaking The Rules"
ZDF Drehscheibe with "Raining In My Heart"
"Iischtige Bitte" - with You Make It reals" und "Uf em Platz vor em Huus"
"Karussell" with "In The Morning Light"
"Antenna 3", Italien with "So Close"
"Tele Santerno" with "No Way" and "So Close"
"Karussell" with "So Close"
"Midi Public" with "I Need Someone" und "Silk And Leather"
"Midi Public"with "Lady Of The Night" and "In The Morning Light"
"Podium" with "I Neded Someone" and "In The Morning Light"- live
"RTU T", Chile - with "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely" - live mit Orchester
"Sonntagsmagazin" with "Nobody Wants To be Lonely"
"RTU TV", Chile with "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely", "Checking Up On Me" and
"Raining In My Heart"- live mit Orchester
"RTU TV", Chile with "Sabor De Amor" - live with orchestra
Various TV Stations in Holland, England, South Africa, Germany, Austria,
Switzerland etc. Deutschland, Oesterreich, with the Video-Clip of "In The
morning Light"


The World Popular Festival In Tokyo - "SOS I Need Your Love"
The Popular Song Festival in Seoul, Korea - "One Of Us"
Song Festival in Bratislava - "Raining In My Heart"
Castlebar International Song Contest - "I Need Someone"
Song Festival, Viña de Mar, Chile - "Nobody Wants To Be Lonely"
Song Festival, Viña de Mar, Chile - als Gast für den Show-Teil des Festivals
Song Festival, Viña de Mar, Chile - "Sabor De Amor"